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@ -2,21 +2,22 @@ The Micro Python project
This is the Micro Python project, which aims to put an implementation
of Python 3.x on a microcontroller. The project also includes a small
microcontroller board based around the STM32F405RG.
of Python 3.x on a microcontroller.
WARNING: this project is in its early stages and is subject to large
changes of the code-base, including project-wide name changes and API
changes. The software will not start to mature until March 2014 at the
earliest. For the moment the priority is the hardware.
Major components:
See the repository for the Micro
Python board. At the moment, finalising the design of the board is
the top priority.
Major components in this repository:
- py/ -- the core Python implementation, including compiler and runtime.
- unix/ -- a version of Micro Python that runs on Unix.
- stm/ -- a version of Micro Python that runs on the Micro Python board
with an STM32F405RG.
- pybv3/ -- schematics, gerbers and EAGLE files for revision 3 of the
Micro Python board.
Additional components:
- unix-cpy/ -- a version of Micro Python that outputs bytecode (for testing).
@ -24,6 +25,7 @@ Additional components:
- tools/ -- various tools.
"make" is used to build the components, or "gmake" on BSD-based systems.
You will also need bash and python3, and python2 for the stm port.
The Unix version