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@ -14,7 +14,15 @@ If you have an employment contract with your employer please make sure that they
don't automatically own your work product. Make sure to get any necessary approvals
before contributing. Another term for this contribution off-hours is moonlighting.
## Getting started
## Ways to contribute
As CircuitPython grows, there are more and more ways to contribute. Here are some ideas:
* Build a project with CircuitPython and share how to do it online.
* Test the latest libraries and CircuitPython versions with your projects and file issues for any bugs you find.
* Contribute Python code to CircuitPython libraries that support new devices or features of an existing device.
* Contribute C code to CircuitPython which fixes an open issue or adds a new feature.
## Getting started with C
CircuitPython developer Dan Halbert (@dhalbert) has written up build instructions using native build
tools [here](

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Adafruit CircuitPython
.. image::
.. image::
|Build Status| |Doc Status| |License| |Discord|
`Status <#status>`__ \| `Supported Boards <#supported-boards>`__
\| `Download <#download>`__ \|
`Documentation <#documentation>`__ \|
`Contributing <#contributing>`__ \| `Differences from
Micropython <#differences-from-micropython>`__ \| `Project
Structure <#project-structure>`__
` <https:/>`_ \| `Get CircuitPython <#get-circuitpython>`__ \|
`Documentation <#documentation>`__ \| `Contributing <#contributing>`__ \|
`Branding <#branding>`__ \| `Differences from Micropython <#differences-from-micropython>`__ \|
`Project Structure <#project-structure>`__
**CircuitPython** is an *education friendly* open source derivative of
`MicroPython <>`_. CircuitPython supports use
on educational development boards designed and sold by
`Adafruit <>`_. Adafruit CircuitPython features
unified Python core APIs and a growing list of Adafruit libraries and
drivers of that work with it.
**CircuitPython** is an *beginner friendly*, open source version of Python for tiny, inexpensive
computers called microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are the brains of many electronics including a
wide variety of development boards used to build hobby projects and prototypes. CircuitPython in
electronics is one of the best ways to learn to code because it connects code to reality. Simply
install CircuitPython on a supported board via drag and drop and then edit a ```` file on
the CIRCUITPY drive. The code will automatically reload. No software installs are needed besides a
text editor (we recommend `Mu <>`_ for beginners.)
CircuitPython features unified Python core APIs and a growing list of 150+ device libraries and
drivers that work with it. These libraries also work on single board computers with regular
Python via the `Adafruit Blinka Library <>`_.
This project is stable. Most APIs should be stable going forward. Those
that change will change on major version numbers such as 2.0.0 and
CircuitPython is a beginner focused derivative of `MicroPython <>`_.
CircuitPython development is sponsored by `Adafruit <>`_ and is available on
their educational development boards. Please support both MicroPython and Adafruit.
Supported Boards
Get CircuitPython
Designed for CircuitPython
**M0 Boards**
- `Adafruit CircuitPlayground Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Feather M0 Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Gemma M0 <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Hallowing M0 Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Express <>`_ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Metro M0 Express <>`_ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Trinket M0 <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
**M4 Boards**
- `Adafruit Feather M4 Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Metro M4 Express <>`__ (`CircuitPython Guide <>`__)
- `Adafruit Feather HUZZAH <>`__
- `Adafruit Feather M0
Basic <>`__
- `Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit
LE <>`__ (uses M0 Basic
- `Adafruit Feather M0
Adalogger <>`__ (MicroSD card
supported using the `Adafruit CircuitPython SD
library <>`__)
- `Arduino Zero <>`__
- `Arduino MKR Zero <>`__ (MicroSD card
supported using the `Adafruit CircuitPython SD
library <>`__)
"Third-party" or "non-Adafruit" boards
- `Electronic Cats Meow Meow <>`__
- `Electronic Cats CatWAN USB Stick <>`__
Official binaries are available through the `latest GitHub
releases <>`__.
Continuous (one per commit) builds are available
`here <>`__
and includes experimental hardware support.
Official binaries for all supported boards are available through
` <>`_. The site includes both stable, unstable
and continuous builds. Full release notes and assets are available through
`GitHub releases <>`_ as well.
Guides and videos are available through the `Adafruit Learning
System <>`__ under the `CircuitPython
category <>`__ and
category <>`__. An API
category <>`__. An API
reference is also available on `Read the Docs
<>`__. A collection of awesome
resources can be found at `Awesome CircuitPython <>`__.
@ -113,6 +64,27 @@ are welcome to submit pull requests and they will be promptly reviewed
by project admins. Please join the
`Discord <>`__ too.
While we are happy to see CircuitPython forked and modified, we'd appreciate it if forked releases
not use the name "CircuitPython" or the Blinka logo. "CircuitPython" means something special to
us and those who learn about it. As a result, we'd like to make sure products referring to it meet a
common set of requirements.
If you'd like to use the term "CircuitPython" and Blinka for your product here is what we ask:
* Your product is supported by the primary
`"adafruit/circuitpython" <>`_ repo. This way we can
update any custom code as we update the CircuitPython internals.
* Your product is listed on This is to ensure that a user of your product can
always download the latest version of CircuitPython from the standard place.
* Your product has a user accessible USB plug which appears as a CIRCUITPY drive when plugged in.
If you choose not to meet these requirements, then we ask you call your version of CircuitPython
something else (for example, SuperDuperPython) and not use the Blinka logo. You can say it is
"CircuitPython-compatible" if most CircuitPython drivers will work with it.
Differences from `MicroPython <>`__
@ -120,15 +92,12 @@ Differences from `MicroPython <>`__
- includes a ports for MicroChip SAMD21 (Commonly known as M0 in Adafruit
- includes ports for MicroChip SAMD21 (Commonly known as M0 in Adafruit
product names) and SAMD51 (M4).
- supports only SAMD21, SAMD51, and ESP8266 ports. An nRF port is under
- supports only SAMD21, SAMD51, and nRF52840 ports.
- tracks MicroPython's releases (not master).
- Longints (arbitrary-length integers) are enabled for most M0
Express boards (those boards with SPI flash chips external
to the microcontroller), and for all M4 builds.
Longints are disabled on other boards due to lack of flash space.
- floats (aka decimals) are enabled for all builds.
- error messages are translated into 10+ languages.
@ -153,12 +122,21 @@ Behavior
causes nasty crashes by making it available through mass storage
after the crash. A reset (the button) is needed after its fixed to
get back into normal mode.
- RGB status LED
- Auto-reload after file write over mass storage. (Disable with
- Wait state after boot and main run, before REPL.
- Main is one of these: ``code.txt``, ````, ````,
- Boot is one of these: ``settings.txt``, ````, ````,
- Unified hardware APIs: `audioio <>`_, `analogio <>`_, `bleio <>`_, `busio <>`_, `digitalio <>`_, `pulseio <>`_, `touchio <>`_, `microcontroller <>`_, `board <>`_, `bitbangio <>`_
- No ``machine`` API on Atmel SAMD21 port.
- API docs are rST within the C files in ``shared-bindings``.
- No ``machine`` API.
@ -178,18 +156,6 @@ Modules
- tick count is available as
`time.monotonic() <>`__
atmel-samd21 features
- RGB status LED
- Auto-reload after file write over mass storage. (Disable with
- Wait state after boot and main run, before REPL.
- Main is one of these: ``code.txt``, ````, ````,
- Boot is one of these: ``settings.txt``, ````, ````,
Project Structure
@ -231,38 +197,12 @@ Ports
Ports include the code unique to a microcontroller line and also
variations based on the board.
- ``atmel-samd`` Support for SAMD21 based boards such as `Arduino
Zero <>`__, `Adafruit
Feather M0 Basic <>`__, and
`Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit
LE <>`__.
- ``bare-arm`` A bare minimum version of MicroPython for ARM MCUs.
- ``cc3200`` Support for boards based
`CC3200 <>`__ from TI such as the
`WiPy 1.0 <>`__.
- ``esp8266`` Support for boards based on ESP8266 WiFi modules such as
the `Adafruit Feather
HUZZAH <>`__.
- ``minimal`` A minimal MicroPython port. Start with this if you want
to port MicroPython to another microcontroller.
- ``pic16bit`` Support for 16-bit PIC microcontrollers.
- ``qemu-arm`` Support for ARM emulation through
`QEMU <>`__.
- ``stmhal`` Support for boards based on STM32 microcontrollers
including the MicroPython flagship
`PyBoard <>`__.
- ``teensy`` Support for the Teensy line of boards such as the `Teensy
3.1 <>`__.
- ``unix`` Support for UNIX.
- ``windows`` Support for
`Windows <>`__.
- ``zephyr`` Support for `Zephyr <>`__, a
real-time operating system by the Linux Foundation.
CircuitPython only maintains the ``atmel-samd`` and ``esp8266`` ports.
The rest are here to maintain compatibility with the
`MicroPython <>`__ parent
- ``atmel-samd`` Support for SAMD21 and SAMD51 based boards.
- ``nrf`` Support for the nRF52840 based boards.
- ``unix`` Support for UNIX. Only used for automated testing.
The remaining, unlisted directories are in the repo to maintain compatibility with the
`MicroPython <>`__ parent project.
`⬆ back to top <#adafruit-circuitpython>`__
@ -272,5 +212,5 @@ project.
.. |Discord| image::
.. |License| image::
.. |License| image::

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