drivers/display/ Improve performance of graphics methods.

It removes the need for a wrapper Python function to dispatch to the
framebuf method which makes each function call a bit faster, roughly 2.5x.
This patch also adds the rest of the framebuf methods to the SSD class.
Peter Hinch 6 years ago committed by Damien George
parent d29b709642
commit 8fa03fee77

@ -32,7 +32,21 @@ class SSD1306:
self.external_vcc = external_vcc
self.pages = self.height // 8
self.buffer = bytearray(self.pages * self.width)
self.framebuf = framebuf.FrameBuffer(self.buffer, self.width, self.height, framebuf.MVLSB)
fb = framebuf.FrameBuffer(self.buffer, self.width, self.height, framebuf.MONO_VLSB)
self.framebuf = fb
# Provide methods for accessing FrameBuffer graphics primitives. This is a
# workround because inheritance from a native class is currently unsupported.
self.fill = fb.fill
self.pixel = fb.pixel
self.hline = fb.hline
self.vline = fb.vline
self.line = fb.line
self.rect = fb.rect
self.fill_rect = fb.fill_rect
self.text = fb.text
self.scroll = fb.scroll
self.blit = fb.blit
@ -88,18 +102,6 @@ class SSD1306:
self.write_cmd(self.pages - 1)
def fill(self, col):
def pixel(self, x, y, col):
self.framebuf.pixel(x, y, col)
def scroll(self, dx, dy):
self.framebuf.scroll(dx, dy)
def text(self, string, x, y, col=1):
self.framebuf.text(string, x, y, col)
class SSD1306_I2C(SSD1306):
def __init__(self, width, height, i2c, addr=0x3c, external_vcc=False):