Makefile: Fix a problem where `xargs` invoked `xgettext` 2x

On a Debian 10 system, the number of arguments to xargs was such that
it would not fit in a single invocation (xargs --show-limits prints
"bytes: Size of command buffer we are actually using: 131072").

In this situation, the output from the second invocation of xgettext
would replace the output of the first one, so messages that appeared only
in files early in the list would be lost.  Strings in "extmod" were most
frequently the victim, including "incorrect padding" from modubinascii.c.

Unfortunately, when the github environment was similar enough to the
environment where "make translate" was invoked, the problem was not
found by "check-translate", because the same (incorrect, truncated)
potfile would be generated on both systems.  Apparently Ubuntu and Debian
were different enough that the problem could become visible.

xgettext has a mode where it reads files from stdin ('-f-'), but this does
not have a zero-delimited variant documented.  Still, we will assume
that files with adversarial names are not committed to circuitpython
or created by the build process, and print newline-delimited filenames
from `find` to be processed by `xgettext -f-`.
This commit is contained in:
Jeff Epler 2019-11-17 20:54:21 -06:00
parent 8778f367e8
commit 8e9ac59396
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ pseudoxml:
locale/circuitpython.pot: all-source
find $(TRANSLATE_SOURCES) -iname "*.c" -print0 | (LC_ALL=C sort -z) | xargs -0 xgettext -L C -s --add-location=file --keyword=translate -o circuitpython.pot -p locale
find $(TRANSLATE_SOURCES) -iname "*.c" -print | (LC_ALL=C sort) | xgettext -f- -L C -s --add-location=file --keyword=translate -o circuitpython.pot -p locale
translate: locale/circuitpython.pot
for po in $(shell ls locale/*.po); do msgmerge -U $$po -s --no-fuzzy-matching --add-location=file locale/circuitpython.pot; done