tests: Move recursive tests to the tests/stress/ subdir.

Keeping all the stress related tests in one place makes it easier to
stress-test a given port, and to also not run such tests on ports that
can't handle them.
Damien George 5 years ago
parent 605fdcf754
commit 5ad27d4b8b

@ -312,9 +312,6 @@ def run_tests(pyb, tests, args, base_path="."):
if args.target == 'wipy':
skip_tests.add('misc/print_exception.py') # requires error reporting full
skip_tests.add('misc/recursion.py') # requires stack checking enabled
skip_tests.add('misc/recursive_data.py') # requires stack checking enabled
skip_tests.add('misc/recursive_iternext.py') # requires stack checking enabled
skip_tests.update({'extmod/uctypes_%s.py' % t for t in 'bytearray le native_le ptr_le ptr_native_le sizeof sizeof_native array_assign_le array_assign_native_le'.split()}) # requires uctypes
skip_tests.add('extmod/zlibd_decompress.py') # requires zlib
skip_tests.add('extmod/uheapq1.py') # uheapq not supported by WiPy