docs/glossary: Elaborate on possible MicroPython port differences.

State that this doc describes generic, "core" MicroPython functionality,
any particular port may diverge in both directions, by both omitting
some functionality, and adding more, both cases described outside the
generic documentation.
Paul Sokolovsky 6 years ago
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MicroPython supports different :term:`boards <board>`, RTOSes,
and OSes, and can be relatively easily adapted to new systems.
MicroPython with support for a particular system is called a
"port" to that system.
"port" to that system. Different ports may have widely different
functionality. This documentation is intended to be a reference
of the generic APIs available across different ports ("MicroPython
core"). Note that some ports may still omit some APIs described
here (e.g. due to resource constraints). Any such differences,
and port-specific extensions beyond MicroPython core functionality,
would be described in the separate port-specific documentation.
MicroPython Unix port
Unix port is one of the major :term:`MicroPython ports <MicroPython port>`.