library/machine.Pin: Remove .id() method and .board class attr.

Both aren't part of generic Hardware API: It's impossible to implement
.id() method in a generic case (e.g., when Pin is instantiated by the
underlying OS/RTOS). .board attribute is an obvious space hog which
instead can be implemented on Python level if needed.
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Paul Sokolovsky 2017-05-21 15:50:16 +03:00
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commit 3ebd67fc09
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@ -158,11 +158,6 @@ Methods
and get the value of the pin. It is equivalent to Pin.value([x]).
See :meth:`Pin.value` for more details.
.. method::
Get the pin identifier. This may return the ``id`` as specified in the
constructor. Or it may return a canonical software-specific pin id.
.. method:: Pin.mode([mode])
Get or set the pin mode.
@ -217,19 +212,6 @@ Methods
This method returns a callback object.
.. class:: Pin.board
Contains all ``Pin`` objects supported by the board. Examples::
led = Pin(Pin.board.GP25, mode=Pin.OUT)
Availability: WiPy.