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@ -69,4 +69,12 @@ There are currently 2 kinds of errors that you might see:
2. If all 4 LEDs cycle on and off slowly, then there was a hard fault.
This cannot be recovered from and you need to do a hard reset.
Guide for using the pyboard with Windows
The following PDF guide gives information about using the pyboard with Windows,
including setting up the serial prompt and downloading new firmware using
DFU programming:
`PDF guide <>`__.
.. include:: hardware/index.rst

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<a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("reference/index") }}">Language Reference</a><br/>
<span class="linkdescr">information about MicroPython specific language features</span>
{% if port == "pyboard" %}
<p class="biglink">
<a class="biglink" href="">Guide for {{ port_name }} on Windows (PDF)</a><br/>
<span class="linkdescr">including DFU programming</span>
{% endif %}
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<a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("license") }}">License</a><br/>
<span class="linkdescr">MicroPython license information</span>