Documentation Updates (mcu.delay() and Design Guide) (#481)

/docs/design_guide: added links to firmware build learning guides for SAMD21 & ESP8266. Changes were placed in the "Adding native modules" section, since that seemed to me the best place based on target audience.

Updated documentation for `delay()` which fixes #243.
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@ -416,6 +416,13 @@ live in ``shared-module``. If it is port specific then it should live in ``commo
within the port's folder. In either case, the file and folder structure should
mimic the structure in ``shared-bindings``.
To test your native modules or core enhancements, follow these Adafruit Learning Guides
for building local firmware to flash onto your device(s):
`SAMD21 - Build Firmware Learning Guide <>`_
`ESP8266 - Build Firmware Learning Guide <>`_
MicroPython compatibility

@ -71,7 +71,11 @@
//| .. method:: delay_us(delay)
//| Dedicated delay method used for very short delays. **Do not** do long delays
//| because it will stall any concurrent code.
//| because this stops all other functions from completing. Think of this as an empty
//| ``while`` loop that runs for the specified ``(delay)`` time. If you have other
//| code or peripherals (e.g audio recording) that require specific timing or
//| processing while you are waiting, explore a different avenue such as using
//| `time.sleep()`.
STATIC mp_obj_t mcu_delay_us(mp_obj_t delay_obj) {
uint32_t delay = mp_obj_get_int(delay_obj);