lib/utils: Expose pyb_set_repl_info function public

The patch enables the possibility to disable or initialize the repl
info from outside of the module. Can also be used to initialize the
repl_display_debugging_info in pyexec.c if not startup file is clearing
.bss segment.
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Glenn Ruben Bakke 2017-03-03 00:36:25 +01:00
parent 235c0edacb
commit 159202ad00
1 changed files with 1 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ int pyexec_frozen_module(const char *name);
void pyexec_event_repl_init(void);
int pyexec_event_repl_process_char(int c);
extern uint8_t pyexec_repl_active;
mp_obj_t pyb_set_repl_info(mp_obj_t o_value);