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.. _adafruit-libndrivers:
Additional Adafruit Libraries and Drivers on GitHub
Additional CircuitPython Libraries and Drivers on GitHub
These are libraries and drivers available in separate GitHub repos. They are
designed for use with CircuitPython and may or may not work with
`MicroPython <>`_.
.. _bundle_installation:
Adafruit CircuitPython Bundle
We provide a bundle of all our libraries to ease installation of drivers and
their dependencies. The bundle is primarily geared to the Adafruit Express line
@ -18,235 +15,18 @@ of boards which feature a relatively large external flash. With Express boards,
its easy to copy them all onto the filesystem. However, if you don't have
enough space simply copy things over as they are needed.
The bundles are available `on GitHub <>`_.
- The Adafruit bundles are available `on GitHub <>`_.
To install them:
- Documentation for each library is available `here <>`_.
#. `Download <>`_
and unzip the latest zip that's not a source zip.
#. Copy the ``lib`` folder to the ``CIRCUITPY`` or ``MICROPYTHON``.
CircuitPython Community Bundle
These libraries provide critical functionality to many of the drivers below. It
is recommended to always have them installed onto the CircuitPython file system in
the ``lib/`` directory. Some drivers may not work without them.
This bundle contains non-Adafruit sponsored libraries, that are written and submitted
by members of the community.
.. toctree::
- The Community bundles are available `on GitHub <>`_.
Register Library <>
BusDevice Library <>
Board-specific Helpers
These libraries tie lower-level libraries together to provide an easy, out-of-box experience for
specific boards.
.. toctree::
Adafruit CircuitPlayground Express <>
Adafruit FeatherWings <>
Helper Libraries
These libraries build on top of the low level APIs to simplify common tasks.
.. toctree::
USB Human Interface Device (Keyboard and Mouse) <>
Waveform Generation <>
OneWire <>
Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) <>
InfraRed Remote <>
Fancy LED (similar to FastLED) <>
SimpleIO <>
AVR programming <>
DC Motor and Servo <>
SD Card <>
Image Load <>
miniQR Non-hardware QR code generator <>
Slideshow <>
LED Animation <>
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) <>
Bluefruit LE Connect App <>
Multi-color led drivers.
.. toctree::
NeoPixel <>
DotStar <>
WS2801 <>
Pixie <>
Drivers used to display information. Either pixel or segment based.
.. toctree::
RGB Displays <>
Character LCD <>
HT16K33 LED Matrices and Segment Displays <>
IS31FL3731 Charlieplexed LED Matrix <>
MAX7219 LED Matrix <>
SSD1306 OLED Driver <>
E-Paper Display <>
Real-time clocks
Chips that keep current calendar time with a backup battery. The current date and time is available
through ``datetime``.
.. toctree::
DS1307 Real-time Clock (5V RTC Breakout) <>
DS3231 Real-time Clock (Precision RTC) <>
PCF8523 Real-time Clock (Adalogger RTC) <>
Motion Sensors
Motion relating sensing including ``acceleration``, ``magnetic``, ``gyro``, and ``orientation``.
.. toctree::
ADXL34x 3 Axis Accelerometer <>
BNO055 Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Absolution Orientation <>
FXAS21002C Gyroscope <>
FXOS8700 Accelerometer <>
GPS Global Position <>
L3GD20 Gyroscope <>
LIS3DH Accelerometer <>
LSM303 Accelerometer and Magnetometer <>
LSM9DS0 Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Temperature <>
LSM9DS1 Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope and Temperature <>
MLX90390 3 Axis Mangetometer <>
MMA8451 3 axis accelerometer <>
Environmental Sensors
Sense attributes of the environment including ``temperature``, ``relative_humidity``, ``pressure``,
equivalent carbon dioxide (``eco2`` / ``eCO2``), and total volatile organic compounds (``tvoc`` /
.. toctree::
AM2320 Temperature and Humidity <>
BME280 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure <>
BME680 Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas <>
BMP280 Barometric Pressure and Altitude <>
BMP3xx Barometric Pressure and Altimeter <>
CCS811 Air Quality <>
DHT Temperature and Humidity <>
DS18x20 Temperature <>
HTU21D Temperature and Humidity <>
MAX31865 Thermocouple Amplifier, Temperature <>
MAX31855 Thermocouple Amplifier, Temperature <>
MAX31856 Thermocouple Amplifier, Temperature <>
MCP9808 Temperature <>
MP115A2 Barometric Pressure, Temperature <>
MPL3115A2 Barometric Pressure, Altitude and Temperature Sensor <>
MPRLS Ported Absolute Pressure <>
SGP30 Air Quality <>
SHT31-D Temperature and Humidity <>
Si7021 Temperature and Humidity <>
Thermistor Temperature <>
TMP007 Contactless Temperature <>
MLX90614 Contactless Temperature <>
Light Sensors
These sensors detect light related attributes such as ``color``, ``light`` (unit-less), and
``lux`` (light in SI lux).
.. toctree::
APDS9960 Proximity, Light, RGB, and Gesture <>
AS726x Color Spectrum Sensor <>
TCS34725 Color Sensor <>
TSL2561 Light Sensor <>
TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Light Sensor <>
VCNL4010 Proximity and Light <>
VEML6070 UV Index <>
VEML6075 UV Index <>
Distance Sensors
These sensors measure the ``distance`` to another object and may also measure light level (``light`` and ``lux``).
.. toctree::
Garmin LIDARLite I2C <>
TFmini IR Time of Flight ~30cm - 12m <>
VL6180x 5 - 100 mm <>
VL53L0x ~30 - 1000 mm <>
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Sensors <>
These chips communicate to other's over radio.
.. toctree::
Adafruit Bluefruit LE SPI Friend <>
RFM9x LoRa <>
RFM69 Packet Radio <>
IO Expansion
These provide functionality similar to `analogio`, `digitalio`, `pulseio`, and `touchio`.
.. toctree::
Adafruit SeeSaw <>
ADS1x15 Analog-to-Digital Converter <>
Crickit Robotics Boards <>
DS2413 OneWire GPIO Expander <>
FocalTech Capacitive Touch <>
MCP230xx GPIO Expander <>
MCP4725 Digital-to-Analog Converter <>
PCA9685 16 x 12-bit PWM Driver <>
TLC5947 24 x 12-bit PWM Driver <>
TLC59711 12 x 16-bit PWM Driver <>
MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor <>
TCA9548 I2C Multiplexer <>
MCP3xxx SPI ADC <>
.. toctree::
CAP1188 8-Key Capacitive Touch <>
Si4713 Stereo FM Transmitter <>
AMG88xx Grid-Eye IR Camera <>
Trellis 4x4 Keypad <>
NeoTrellis 4x4 Keypad <>
NeoTrellis M4 4x8 Keypad <>
DRV2605 Haptic Motor Controller <>
MAX9744 Audio Amplifier <>
Si5351 Clock Generator <>
Thermal Printer <>
VC0706 TTL Camera <>
INA219 High Side Current <>
Fingerprint <>
STMPE610 Resistive Touchscreen <>
Matrix Keypad <>
VS1053 Audio Codec <>
FRAM Non-Volatile Memory <>
74HC595 Shift Register <>
- Documentation is not available on ReadTheDocs at this time. See each library for any
included documentation.