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This directory contains tests for various functionality areas of MicroPython.
To run all stable tests, run "run-tests" script in this directory. Note
that bytecode tests are not yet stable and should be run separately in
"bytecode" subdirectory.
To run all stable tests, run "run-tests" script in this directory.
Tests of capabilities not supported on all platforms should be written
to check for the capability being present. If it is not, the test
should merely output 'SKIP' followed by the line terminator, and call
sys.exit() to raise SystemExit, instead of attempting to test the
missing capability. The testing framework (run-tests in this
directory, test_main.c in qemu_arm) recognizes this as a skipped test.
There are a few features for which this mechanism cannot be used to
condition a test. The run-tests script uses small scripts in the
feature_check directory to check whether each such feature is present,
and skips the relevant tests if not.
When creating new tests, anything that relies on float support should go in the
float/ subdirectory. Anything that relies on import x, where x is not a built-in