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# Validate that all entries in the .pot are in every .po. Only the .pot is updated so we can detect
# if a translation was added to the source but isn't in a .po. This ensures translators can grab
# complete files to work on.
import sys
import polib
template_filename = sys.argv[1]
po_filenames = sys.argv[2:]
template = polib.pofile(template_filename)
all_ids = set([x.msgid for x in template])
for po_filename in po_filenames:
print("Checking", po_filename)
po_file = polib.pofile(po_filename)
po_ids = set([x.msgid for x in po_file])
missing = all_ids - po_ids
if missing:
print("Missing message id. Please run `make translate`")